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I worked as an Ed Tech before I found a teaching position and it actually got me my present job as I was already “in the system.” I was an Ed Tech in the middle school and got a job at the high school (which is where I wanted to be). Was bored silly as an ED tech. Can you go to another school in your district? You must be certified K-8 or 7-12? Don’t give up or listen to those “get it done folks” We all have our strengths and weaknesses. Yesterday was a horrible day, extremely high stress; today was great…but that’s ALL teachers. Maybe they ARE more organized and have things graded quicker, and havel lots of plans in place, but can they just wing it? I can…

can they say at the spur of the moment, this isn’t working well, and change gears on a dime? I can…

Can they relate to the kids in a compassionate way because they TRULY understand the frustration of some students? I can….and I’m sure you can too! Keep in touch.