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SuperMartha – I’m also an SLP, elementary level. I’ve had 3-4 years of being “watched” because of my paperwork difficulties. Now they’ve brought in an SLP coordinator as a “mentor” for the things I’ve struggled with (mostly timeliness and parent contact), and she is focusing on what I write in an IEP and how well my paperwork and therapy flow together. She told me that before she really met me, but had looked at some of my files, she thought I was going to be a trainwreck (her words,not mine). She observed an entire day of therapy and then we met another half-day to go over things. Talk about adding stress instead of helping out. She said that I had a good way of working with my students and good relationships with them, good articulation data, and some good things that I was doing. We talked about the things she felt I was weaker in and she gave good ideas. It was a good meeting, but again, we weren’t focusing on the things that really stump ME. I’d so love to be able to do my job without all the legal mumbo-jumbo paperwork. I’m thinking as I look at this site and have seen the main video that I probably need a significant increase in my meds. I take 60 mg of Vyvanse, and it has worked wonders, but I obviously have much further to go. I’m close to losing this job, and I can’t afford to do that!

Madsybil, are your difficulties with phone calls because of anxiety or distractibility? If not, have you ever been tested for auditory processing difficulties? I have several students who suffer from this and it can really cause problems when having to listen to anything. You sound very visual and that may be a compensation.

I struggle in so many different areas that I am overwhelmed and never know where to begin. I’m behind on all of my monthly payments, even though I make enough money to easily pay for what I have/do. I sort of binge shop, although my saving grace there is that I do it in the clearance areas as much as possible, and then I can go for a while without doing any. I’m 42 and have never been married, although I’ve been told I’m pretty,attractive,funny, charming, and intelligent. I’ve only even come close to being married twice, and I’m now glad the first one didn’t work out, and the other I’m still grieving. For the life of me it takes me 6 weeks to do the dishes, and off and on I will let laundry pile up so that I’m washing almost all of my clothes in one or two days. I do struggle with depression and anxiety, and am medicated for all, and would love to find out if I’m medicating the wrong things.

I’d love to hear from anyone who has any ideas for organizing bill paying, school paperwork, household chores, etc. And not buying things for organizing, I LOVE to buy organizing things! Another weakness.

Now I feel like I’ve whined, but any connections and ideas that can help in any way will be greatly appreciated!