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Teaching in class is great – however administrative and housekeeping tasks are really difficult. Our administration has complex procedures for final report submission and all those 2 to 3 page emails really loose me. I find if I hang around the water cooler I get a better Idea of what’s required. I also now PRINT OUT all emails and go over them with a highlighter – it’s the only was I can get all the details. I keep all of my lesson plans and handouts on googledocs which has really helped me organize. I can find things now! I can totally relate to Brochick’s assessment of her colleagues view. I’m the “unorganized cooky teacher”. Luckily in our profession we can hide under the moniker “creative”. My real problem is with the online teaching as all admin is email and phone calls. I have a real problem with calls. The student calls are fine – I have no problem. The admin calls discussing curriculum development, protocols and procedures are brutal. I panic and do a lot of agreeing as I’m not even sure what they’re saying – is he even speaking English – what did he say – what does that mean – has he figured out i have no idea what he’s saying yet ??? Does anyone have advice for maintaining focus while on the phone? I could use a little help. It’s great to find this space on the forum! I hoping to find how other people cope!