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“I fought a constant battle with frustration because of lack of organization, focus, and confidence. I had to work double the hours to get the same amount of work done as my colleagues.”

Yep, me too.

“I had an immediate transformation, and as I read in some of your stories, I finally felt “normal”, for the first time in my life. My brain saw the paperwork in an organized way, and I got systems in place.”

Yep, me too :-)

” I can joke about it and I can talk openly about it with colleagues, students, and parents.”

I’m not there just yet. I’ve been at this school for a year and am not yet familiar enough with a lot of the staff to trust them. I hope to be able to do this one day.

“I am happier on a personal level, too, without the constant feeling of frustration and inadequacy.”

Me too :-) I still get frustration and inadequacy, but much less than I used to.

“Best of luck to all of my fellow AD/HD teachers!!!”

You too! =D