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I was recently diagnosed with ADD and while grateful that I went from teaching children to adults. I am finding it harder to do simple housekeeping stuff like keeping track of my adult student’s attendance. I’m using an archaic system not on a computer and my classroom is not even in the same location as my employer. I only have to hand the envelopes in twice a year with their attendance and I have yet to do it for this year. I’m so afraid of getting in trouble or messing up my program for bringing it to the administrations attention. My classroom is a shared office so I can’t keep all my records there and have them in messy bags around my house. I am in desperate need of getting my own office so I can be more efficient but I find because i have a family I can barely remember to look for the attendance files when I’m home and only seem to remember them after I’ve arrived at work and of course by then it’s too late to fill them out. I love my job and don’t want to be fired or in trouble and yet the one big thing I need to do to keep my job is the attendance folders and I’ve been blowing it. Any advise would be grately appreciated.