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I too am a teacher. In fact I was just nominated for an award this year. So I think I’m a good teacher, but I have a huge fear professionally. I always feel like I need to get myself together and “snap” out of it before someone busts me for the imposter I feel I am most of the time. I fear that day…..every day. I don’t get distracted by the walls as much as I tune the kids out when I’m working with them. I do find however that my biggest weakness is the “boring” stuff. The stuff I have to sit down and do. Planning, reading long, dry blah blah blahs….and staff meetings. Even writing this message and thinking about that stuff gets me wandering….I don’t even remember what I want to say about it. I did tell my staff that I have been recently diagnosed…..no one was surprised. LOL Thankfully they’re all understanding……I just need to find a way to be more on top of things so I can feel better…..