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Hey teachers! So nice to ‘meet’ you!

I am also one of those ‘creative,’ messy, disorganized teachers, but a good teacher…according to those around me. I also have been waiting for them to discover the ‘dazed and confused,’ lack of planning, always procrastinating ‘me.’ Because I am horrible at planning ahead, I never have stuff for my assistant to prepare, and I end up doing it all by myself at the last minute. I am horrible at communicating my needs and plans (probably because I’m worried I’ll change my mind?!?!) and don’t want my defects to spill over to my poor assistant. She is such a blessing, and is able to accept the god with the bad in my personality.

After being diagnosed and on (different) medication, I look forward to what the new school year will bring. Two weeks out and I have already started working on stuff and aced my summer grad school classes :)