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Re: Beware companies offering to help with claims!

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“A very important warning relating to the subject of those third party agencies which have been mentioned in a couple of threads.”

To play devil’s advocate here, distilling the article down to it’s most basic elements she paid $10,037 to get $38,237 (or $28,200 net) that she had no knowledge she was entitled to, with a program she didn’t even know existed. Most people would call that “found money” and move on.

I mean, if she had never seen that company’s ad — she would have $28,200 less in her bank account — is that somehow better for her?

My comments below are not related to, or an endorsement of, the specific company or transaction referred to in your article. For the record, I have no affiliation with them and have never even heard of them before.

As a tax accountant (who was formerly an auditor with Revenue Canada) I can tell you -especially with an issue like the disability tax credit- tax issues are often a case of getting one kick at the can. If you’re turned down, that is essentially it. You simply cannot un-do what has been submitted in writing. SO- when you retain a professional for something like this, in part what you are paying for is their EXPERIENCE and EXPERTISE to ensure your ONLY kick at the can is the best you can do.

A professional will ensure the position you are taking is defendable, and makes the best possible argument in support of your claim while being factually accurate. They will also champion your issue as an advocate, getting personally involved as required to make sure the process doesn’t get derailed.

I cannot speak for others, but I know what my expertise and experience has enabled me to achieve for my clients over the years. On audit and appeal files my understanding the system, knowing how to talk to Revenue’s personnel, and my ability to negotiate has saved clients hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars.