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Re: Beware companies offering to help with claims!

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Buxmon said: “I’ve never seen any evidence that the people working for this company have any greater expertise than those at H & R Block, who don’t charge that much either.”

The bulk of the tax preparers working for the large tax prep chains are temp workers have all of 1 month of training prior to being let loose on tax returns. I can’t imagine them having any expertise in this area at all. I understand your frustration with the numbers, but you’re talking to someone with 20 years experience in this industry, including almost 5 years inside the hallowed halls of Revenue Canada. Believe me: expertise and experience matter a LOT in situations like this.

Curly said: “So for at most 10 hours of work how many thousands of dollars does their contract stipulate they owe.”

Do you realize that 10 hours of an accountant’s time will cost you between anywhere from $2,000 to $4,000 these days? Most people aren’t exactly excited about the prospect of shelling out $2-4,000 and possbily getting NOTHING back in return. The woman retained this company on a contingency basis. If she ended up receiving $0 in the end, she would have owed this company nothing EVEN THOUGH someone still spent those 10 hours.

Your suggestion of talking to a lawyer can be even worse. A good tax lawyer starts at $400 an hour, with great ones charging far, far more than that — all with no guarantees. By the way, when lawyers work on a contingency basis in lawsuits their fees start at 30% and work upwards from there. In the U.S. you’d be hard pressed to find a legal contingency agreement under 50%, and I’ve even heard of some as high as 75%.