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Re: Bi-Polar II and not ADHD?

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1.) Nutrition has a lot to do with your concern of “disfunction” try this eliminate potato, soda, breads, sugar, artificial sweetners;

2.) Put yourself onto Solfeggio freguency – These original sound frequencies were apparently used in Ancient Gregorian Chants, see internet for Free Samples, also plenty of good relaxing Neural Reprogramming FREE … Holosync sample is really good, others too;

3.) Talk to strangers, open up and be frank, journal your life, write letters, notes, keep track of yourself and what your goal is for each day;

4.) Start putting yourself back together … Put pictures around you, favorite songs, anything that reminds you of what you want your life to be like, what you want to achieve …;

5.) Discover the Shift Movement, open up to the micro molecular miracle of your being, a spiritual energy, start looking more into that

aspect of being energy and the universe is energy and the connections;

6.) Everything you have said means one thing only … you are aware of yourself and how you relate to yourself and how others

may perceive you are In Your Hands;

7.) Be grateful for being able to discover new insights and new ways of considering you are awakening out of a shell that not a lot of

people truly understand;

8.) Practice little steps of freedom, throw out positive energy, it comes around – smile, others will too, do little things that give you

immediate feedback and notice you can accomplish bigger thoughts of projecting positive energy and YOU ARE IN CONTROL;

9.) The Whole World is on drugs doesn’t that tell you something, everybody is being diagnosed with this and that … really?

10.) Forget the genetics stigma … clean the slate, clean your mind, connect with unlimited resources of the Universe, the power

of the universe is directly connected to your heart (5,000 times stronger magnetically than the mind)

post back here in 30 days