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Re: Blanking – the forgotten symptom?

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Hi McShawnBoy!

I do the same thing when we are at concerts even with seats close to the stage.

For some reason I become mesmerized with the big screens and forget that I am close to the real thing! I have to keep reminding myself to look at the stage!!!!!!!!

It doesn’t feel real.

Also have the ‘watching TV’ issues. I don’t want to watch someone watch TV so I go on the computer. Period.

If they want to engage me, I’ll willingly turn it off but if they are ignoring me, well, then…..

I have asked my husband to come and get me when he wants me to leave the computer and be with him.

He came down, asked me, and then it took me awhile to figure out why he did it. (Because I asked him to, but then forgot!!!)

However if something is boring then my brain goes into the ‘circus of my mind’ and comes back when there is something interesting for it to grab onto.

Boring vs non-boring….