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Re: Blanking – the forgotten symptom?

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Rick Green – Founder of TotallyADD
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Yeah, I noticed I was at sporting events or concerts and mesmerized by the screen. Partly it’s cause the screen is huge and way easier to see. And part of it is the video screen seems to mesmerize ADDers. I’ve heard this again and again from experts. It’s why we can get hooked on TV, computers, Blackberrys, etc..

Especially fast action video games. Finally, something that wakes us up and holds our attention.

One thing I’ve done to help with listening and conversations with friends and family is to mentally decide I’m going tob e present for a set amount of time. If I know I’m going to have a five minute conversation, then my mind becomes more engaged and far less agitated than if we start talking and I’m not sure how long it’s going to go. Immediately my mind starts getting distracted. When I have a time limit in my mind, silly as it seems, I actually find myself much more present, and when I do get distracted, I can come back to the conversation much faster.