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Re: Blanking – the forgotten symptom?

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MerryMac – I love your “circus of the mind” comment! I’m going to use it often, from here on in. I usually tell people that there are all kinds of shiny balls in my brain, and I’m having a wonderful time with them. They laugh, but it happens to be true.

I like how Dr. J. put it too. It’s not a “black out” necessarily, but a variation on the loss of focus so familiar to all of us. I mean, how else do you explain leaving frozen food on the counter overnight and then suddenly realizing the next day that you never did put it away, as you thought you did? What you describe seems similar to that.

In conversation, there are have been so many times I’ve blanked out, and have had to embarrass myself to ask the other person to repeat what they just said. It wasn’t that what they said wasn’t loud enough – it was that my brain was way louder.