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Re: Blanking – the forgotten symptom?

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Hi wolfshades!

Thanks for the compliment!

I think it accurately describes what’s going on…a split screen of inner and outer attention.

From the time I was a small child I can remember thinking that there was a whole wide world of adventure out there, just waiting!

I was brought up in the country and would look out at the fields dreaming of the day when I could begin my adventures!

The Circus! Travel! People! Color! Music! Animals! So many things out there!!!!!!

All these years later and I still feel like that.

So how can you expect us to pay attention to conversations about the weather, bad traffic, what to make for dinner, cleaning the house when…………….there’s all that Good Stuff Happening!!!!!

We are the modern day swashbuckling adventureres!

(damn, now where did I put my Pirate sword…must have been over by the..Oh look!..a casket of mead!..well, I’ll be!..Yo ho ho..!)