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Re: Blanking – the forgotten symptom?

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Patte Rosebank
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I had my first really major blanking experience, just a few days ago.

I had taken my nighttime Seroquel at the usual time, intending to be home within the 90 minutes it takes for it to kick in and zonk me out. But I was out with friends, and we didn’t want to leave yet, so, 3 hours later, I was still out on the town, but 3/4-asleep.

Not wanting to risk falling asleep on the subway, I got into a cab and reached into my purse so I’d have my keys in my hand as soon as I got home. But the keys weren’t in my purse. And they weren’t in either of my coat pockets, because I shook my coat, and there was no jingling—which there should have been, since there was nothing in the pockets to muffle the sound. I started digging through my purse (a small one, since I’ve learned that stuff will always expand to fill the purse you have, no matter how big). Nothing. I began taking everything out of my purse, one by one, and putting them into my tote bag (which was empty except for a book and a folding umbrella). Then I dug through the tote bag again, and even checked the floor of the cab, before reaching deep into the seat (yes, I was that desperate). Still no keys.

You can imagine how panicky I was, by this point. Then, I jammed my hand deep into my left coat pocket. There were the keys.

How did they get there? All I can come up with is that I must have completely blanked during the moments when I took the keys out of my purse and put them into my pocket. The irony is that, when I got home, I was so wound up that I had to take another Seroquel to calm me down enough to go to sleep.

What did I learn from this waking nightmare? That, if I’m not already at home when I take my Seroquel, I need to head for home immediately after taking it—even if nobody else is ready to go, and even if they try to talk me into staying longer.

Now that I’ve experienced this and figured out why it happened, I can make relatively sure it doesn’t happen again. So at least it served a purpose.