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Re: Blanking – the forgotten symptom?

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Larynxa, I hope you are not experiencing any of the nasty side effects of the Seroquel that my friends have; one man I know gained 100 pounds on that stuff!

I have set a new standard for getting distracted which I wanted to “share with the class” as it were.

On my way out of the local convenience store last night, I was distracted by the front page of one of the local papers announcing that they were supporting a racist homophobic misogynist for mayor. I got SO caught up that I actually forgot I had left the dog tied up outside the store, outside my line of sight as I left the store and came home.

It took me THREE HOURS to realize the dog wasn’t here. I ran back in bare feet and shirt sleeves. Thank GOD the poor puppy was still there waiting for me, and he must have been well behaved or I’m sure the neighbours would have called the cops/animal control.

Chinook got lots and lots and lots of attention when we got home. Poor puppy!