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Re: Blanking – the forgotten symptom?

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Sorry I missed the questions. Thanks jen, for providing the link.

By the way, watch out for the wikipedia article. That one happens to be a highly controversial one. If you check at the wrong time, it may contain very bogus information.

I would try to explain it here, or even provide a few links, but to be perfectly honest, AS and Autism are such complex disorders, a couple of articles and a brief explanation can’t do it justice.

It took me eleven years of research to finally figure out and be convinced I have it, and finally get a diagnosis. The actual diagnosis I have is “PDD-NOS” (Pervasive Development Disorder – Not otherwise specified ~ which is also on the Autistic spectrum), but what I have is actually is Asperger Syndrome. The Dr. didn’t go with AS only because I don’t display enough symptoms anymore, but she does agree that I had it as a child, and that if one has it, it doesn’t just go away. DSM is very specific though that even in adult diagnosis the symptoms MUST be currently present.

If one really wants or needs to know more about it, the only way to understand it is to read a LOT about it. I really DON’T mean to be condescending. It just really IS that complex. You’ll also find, if you do look up a lot about it, that it is very controversial as well, as ADD and ADHD were back in the eighties, AS is today.