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Re: Boy there sure are a lot of these “hi i'm new here” thingys

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All I can say since i’m so new to this and new to the med is that I’m much happier. My emotions, thoughts, and actions seem to be clicking just right, everything seems to be well balanced in my body right now or is that my brain. Well yeah like everything is just so clear to me now. I noticed while I was waiting for my bus this morning how much better everything was. My vison hasnt changed but I saw things differently, my hearing has stayed the same but I heard things in songs that I’d never heard before. Little things that I hadnt heard before. Like my hypersensitivity to noise is better, other noises durring conversation or focusing on a song dont seem to bother me so much. Maybe I should be writing this in the other post I made about my meds and keeping and update going. Oh well i already started typing. I think Adderall will work out ok for me, one thing im concerned about is that my script is for 3 20mg/day 4-6 hours apart. At hour 4 there is a noticable drop off in my attention and my impulsivness starts to get in the way of things i’m trying to focus on. Its like I can still focus at hour 4, but I feel compelled to be doing other things on top of whatever it is i’m doing at the time. If I go by the schedule of 3 a day at 4-6 hours apart and at hour 4 need another one. Starting at 6am at the rate of 1 per every 4 hours i’d be at the end of my daily perscribed dose by 6pm. Only 12 hours into my day. I dont like perscriptions so i am weary that I may need something different or more, or a variation, or something else. Wait did I say that already? I’m still ramble on when talking to people or typing (I think its obvious by reading this post) I think its because i’m so happy now, and I just want to be friendly to everyone now maybe its because I can actually focus on comunicating without feeling so much anxiety. Weird. I think my co-workers are kind of freaked out by the change in my attitude from just yesterday to today. Not talking or having extremely short conversations with people has been my MO for most of my life. Isolation was what i’d seek here at work at home and even when i’m out with my friends or family. Next week may be different. Tomorow may be different. I think right now how I feel is great. I dont know if today is any way to measure sucess in dealing with my ADHD.

One thing that i’m not sure about is that we all have different things that make us who we are. We all have different severities of symptoms that might not even be present in another person. I’m unsure of the severity of my ADHD. I know that I shouldnt make comparisons to myself and other people, my curiosity is getting the better of me on this. I have lived with it my entire life, not knowing it, and not knowing a lot of people who have ADD or ADHD.

My only question to anyone else is does anyone else ever have kind of a physical pain when they are not getting treatment?

(I wish I could make the question bold so it stood out since there is so much to read here. I’m affraid people might not be able to focus long enough to read all this. I know i’ve been that way pleanty of times on other forums.)

Just a quick example and I’ll end this post, last night (non medicated) I watched and made it through an entire movie (Shutter Island) Not a bad movie. Anyways, it ends, and the credits are rolling. Being at home I just hit the power button and turned the DVD player off. As soon as I realized that that was it, that was the movie, here are the credits, you have to find something else to do, I started to feel sick to my stomach, I started to ache all over in a strange way. I have felt this way before but this is just for my example of last night. It wasnt until I found somthing else to do that I started to feel better. I think I started watching the Office on fox anyways, the show was over, I went to bed and noticed that I didnt in fact hit the power button the DVD machine. laying in bed I thought i’d just leave it. Of course I didnt. I had to get up, I had to turn it off, I had to get comfortable again in my bed afterwards. I had to get back to where I was mentally as well. To just do that simple thing of turning the machine off messed me up somthing wicked. I was mad, I was upset, hurt all over about it, felt sick to my stomach again and was just really in a bad way. This is how my life was.

So thats that, I appologize for rambling on so much as I did.