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Re: Brain Gym?

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Rick wrote: “One thing every ADHD expert has told us is that going to a real gym, or just starting exercising on your own, can do wonders for ADHD”

I’ve lost count how many people I’ve told – to their great relief – to start exercising (ESPECIALLY to join a gym and get a decent personal trainer to keep them motivated) as part of their ADHD management strategy.

Quite a while before the studies started hitting the media, I ALWAYS found that I could control my attention (and physiology) better after a rigorous exercise session. I also found that in the case of, say, using a sitting exercise bike machine, I could READ better while burning a few hundred calories.

It’s as though the physical exertion redirects physical impulsiveness and burns off the excess – it doesn’t go interfering with my cognitive processes.

The BEST tactic I’ve used is to do a long distance walk (I despise jogging) with a heavy backpack out in beautiful scenery. In Washington State, there’s no shortage of stunning views. The reason I’ve found that combo best when it comes to using physical exercise as part of an ADHD management strategy is underscored by contemporary studies showing that exposure to the great outdoors has an effect on ADHD symptoms.

T. Lavon Lawrence