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walkwithfarmgirl. I just started to put my artwork in showings. At the fair’s they would always have an art section. And start sumitting your work to the galliers. They want to see a body of work you don’t have to have an art degree. If you start putting your work into group showings. Even if they don’t sell you can put it on your portfollio . I belong to a few groups they put on showings every year. I summit my work to The Nova Scotia ART Gallery even if they don’t accept you keep summiting your work. Plus this is the first time I’m trying to put together a solo show. I wan’t to go to Ont but I;m trying to figure things out. It is hard when you live down here. In Lunebrug they have a Gallery and you can put in two piece a month. Plus I have work in the hospital they have a change over every month. Just get your work out there I don’t know were you live just don’t worry about selling at this point. Just get your work out and join groups. The biggest thing about some artist when they are just starting out. They charge to much for there work. Someone I knew charge 350.00 on a piece that they needed help with. And that was a price with no body of work. So just look at price. My first piece I sold was huge half 30×40 that was the price that I sold it for. Now I get 1200 so start of low and build your price up. Do you have a website? love to see your work. Clamdigger