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Re: Caffeine! Wow. Trying to self medicate.

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The psychiatrist I have talked to once told me “if the caffeine seems to be working the Ritalin will work better” I have to remember that caffeine is not medicine, and self mediation is risky business. I’m becoming more open minded about real medication the more I read. Self discipline definitely has it’s place, but all I’m saying about that is for me it’s important to not rely on any single or even just a small group of solutions. For now it’s much more reading than writing.

I too have had some toxic parenting. Most parents of adders probably got very frustrated (a little bit of an understatement, huh?). I don’t owe them anything at all, not even a defense for their mistakes. I choose to “honor my mother and father” because I love them. Regardless of how some of the hardwired problems in my head got there. 3 older brothers 3 older sisters, half a dozen toxic teachers through school, fighting my way through misdiagnoses etc. etc. The problems I have are MINE, I own them and if they’re gonna get solved it’s ME who needs to get help solving them. ATz why eYm here catz.

Surprise! I’m done writing. Imagine dat?


P.S. I just remembered to say, coffee can sometimes make me way too bouncing off the wallish, that hasn’t happened in very long time, Hmm, can’t remember the last time actually. Before I got honest with me about adhd, I didn’t drink much coffee. I got belly problems. Caffeine can be really awful to withdraw from. Those headaches are Bad Bad,meen. Too short acting maybe. We all have different medication needs probably. Especially with a mixed bag diagnosis like a lot of us have.