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Re: Caffeine! Wow. Trying to self medicate.

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I was trying to make caffein help me for weeks. I used to add lot’s of milk and protein powder to it, trying to make it last longer, smoother. Caffein just doesn’t work like ritalin. A psychiatrist told me months ago “if caffeine helps ritalin will help better”. Finally a little over two weeks ago I started a more therapeutic dosage of ritalin, 5 mg 3 times a day. It’s better. But I can’t drink caffein at the same time as ritalin. Maybe I can have it when I’m very sure the ritalin is out of my system. I really like coffee, n I haven’t found any decent decaf.

It’s worth it to see a good specialist, or at least in my case a couple short but very productive appointments with a psychiatrist. I got super lucky n found one who used to be a pharmacist. Maybe that made her more careful about the advice she gave me, and careful about telling me to make very small careful adjustments. And under close supervision.

Most of the information that helped me came from here. Lot’s of pro’s here. Spend a bunch of time here, you won’ t regret it.

Meds affect us all differently, that’s important info. Very!

I need to remember to get some good green tea, I like tea. I just don’t like the way tea eats away at my teeth. I know, just brush em, huh? Doh!!