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Re: Caffeine! Wow. Trying to self medicate.

Re: Caffeine! Wow. Trying to self medicate.2012-03-12T23:00:01+00:00

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I’m enjoying a very delicious cup of coffee. It’s half decaf, actually good decaf too. Even though it’s a bit more expensive than what I’m usually willing to pay. It’s one of the only “treats” I’m able to let myself have that won’t come with side affects I’m not going to want to deal with. I just have to remember, 1) can’t drink it all day – just one cup, 2) can’t take it the same time as my ritalin. 3) Lighten up a little for crying out loud, huh? :o) [notes to self BTW]

I got up late today, my life hasn’t been this busy in a very long time. So I’ve just been in bed watching show’s like -the doctors. Today it was about all the side affects medications have and if they are worth taking… Interesting, considering all the junk we go through with side affects and symptoms… Then I escaped from that darn idiot box.. (TV)

-Song playing in my head- Throw Away You Television Red Hot Chili Peppers By The Way [Song name, Band, Album]


PS I did manage to stop a lil bit past half-way through drinking my cup-u-mud, added an ice cube, a lot of milk, took another gulp, topped it off with milk, n put the rest in the fringe for later. I’m still weary of caffeine.