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Re: Caffeine! Wow. Trying to self medicate.

Re: Caffeine! Wow. Trying to self medicate.2011-08-26T13:51:53+00:00

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My problem with caffeine is that it seems to have a short half-life. I get a good couple of hours, whereas my adderall will last for about 5, and my XR will last 10-12. The drop-off with adderall is less dramatic than caffeine, as well.

When I drank coffee (about 2x a day, in the morning and afternoon), It did great at removing the fog, but when it wore off, I felt more tired than before I drank the coffee. From what I understand, though, it does increase adrenaline in the brain, much like stimulant medication. It makes sense that it would work, and why so many of us drink it.

I haven’t needed it since I went on adderall. In fact, when I drink it while on adderall, my heart gets very cross with me. LOL! I can feel it racing, which is not a great feeling at all.