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Re: can the symptoms get better or worse w/age?

Re: can the symptoms get better or worse w/age?2010-12-09T03:29:31+00:00

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Hmmmmm…. all I can say billd, I get more comfy with who I am all the time. I find more humor in my own behavior, I am a constant source of amusement to myself. It is about us after all…actually about me…right!!! Hahahaha…. I guess I’ve learned that my natural quirks are kinda funny….so I giggle to myself about them, and share them as funny stories with others. Self humor is good medicine for me. Soooooo…….I don’t know that they either get stronger or diminish, or if I can do anything about that if I wanted to. I do know that as I become more comfy with who I am the less they appear or at least the less bothersome they are. If others have a problem with me, I guess that is for them??? I try be a good person, and try be kind and considerate, but I’m not perfect and I’m gentle with myself for the most part about those short comings. I’m worth it.

I don’t know if that helps or or…..but that is the way it is for me.

Back to the real issue the car…..can’t you mill the Edelbrock carb spigot slighty to lower the carb in order to use the spacer and re-drill and tap the carb stud holes if required? As for the fuel pump my thoughts when I build are if I have to take it apart again for some reason, what is the best way to assemble it and make that easy. I run an external fuel pump on my 47 Pontiac Lowrider. I don’t have to pull the fuel tank to work on it!!! It works great……I did the bodywork (my buddy laid the color, paint) and I cut and polished my paint just because I couldn’t trust anybody to be as compulsive as me….it is flawless!!! took me all winter everyday from October until April…EVERYDAY!! It’s sweet.

Isn’t this sorting all part of the fun……thank god for hyperfocus!!!! Hey….just got a call from my partner upstairs, the ADD program is on again, gotta go. I only saw part of it last time. Opinions are like belly buttons….everybody has one.