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Re: can the symptoms get better or worse w/age?

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I can relate to some of what you say. I have a terror of boredom. I’m always seeing people with repetitive jobs & thinking how horrible for them. Even say, a famous singer who always has to sing his big hit. How can they stand it? Like a lot of ADD people I’m self-employed. ( Also have no retirement plan. Would rather go to California.)

I love my job but I also think I never reached my potential. What could I have done if I had “applied myself”? If I didn’t waste so much time looking for my glasses. If I didn’t waste money because I never got that defective thing back to the store, or bought another of something because I forgot I’d already bought it.

Anyway, most of the time I think it’s a different way of being in the world, not a disorder. I joke that it annoys other people more than it does me (because I’m always late, I forget what we agreed to, I don’t follow through, I “flake out”.) People sometimes think I do what I do to them because I don’t respect their wishes or something…I’m not entirely sure why people get mad. They don’t like to be kept waiting.

I’m your age & I don’t think it’s gotten any worse. I’m focusing on it today because of the TV show. So I have some sadness about for example how my morning went (going to take out the garbage, remember the Boy Scouts are having a bottle drive, go to get the bottles & see the recylcle bin is overflowing, take the recycling out to the blue box, see the Xmas decorations in the garage, put them inside, see the garbage still sitting there, decide to add the pet’s cage stuff to it, see the clothes next to the cage & take them upstairs, remember someone wants to borrow the carpet cleaner, take it downstairs & there’s the garbage still sitting there…and when I get into the car to go to work, I’d left the carpet cleaner behind, didn’t clean the cage & forgot my keys.)