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Re: can the symptoms get better or worse w/age?

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Hey RZ …… loved your post. Yes.. so many things are so obvious to us immediately, that linear folk struggle with, all the time. I experience this a great deal, everyday! Could be, some of the inattentive behaviors we exhibit stem from the fact we already have finished the persons thought loooong before they have actually gotten the wooooooooords out…..soooooooooo….we drift ooooofffffffff waiting for them to finish speaking….yaaawwwwn. Hahahahahahaha….funny but true!!!!!

On the other hand…..Yes!!! We are fun…really a lot of fun..or can be. Funny, fun to be around, fun to hang with…people gravitate to us, like a magnate. It has something to do with the ability to visualize and expound on one train or thread of thought in many ways, …with a continuity that comes from stringing thoughts together from what seems to be a random stream of conciousness…..all at a the same time so it fits!!!! They find it funny!!!!! It’s just the way my head works…..it keeps me on track, I amuse me!!! Whew…. that was hard to write!!!! Hahahahaha

Not all of us are the same though….my son whose brain works the same way as mine (ADD I guess we can call it )…attracts people…all sorts. He has found the mental and verbal fun or humour in this gifted brains of ours!!! My daughter….also a random thinker…is not so socially blessed. Can’t get the patter to work for her socially….. great person, just different skill set with the gift. Go figure eh?? Has a university degree…..seems to excel in different ways???

Do yourself a favour rent, buy…or somehow get your hands on Robin Williams stand-up videos. It is a little hard to explain, I know I have fumbled my thoughts badly here…but sit down have a laugh and watch the magic the Robin can weave via a random stream of conciousness verbalized along a single train of thought or what the linear world calls ADD. It is fabulous to watch and very powerful.

Giving away your age RZ…..who cares I’m 60…means nothing to me??? Not a very old 60 at all…. but 60 just the same…actually 60 going 25…hahahhahaha. Chronologically older, socially mentally younger….kind of an inverse Benjamin Button maybe????

So, help me here RZ…..I read….

“And now for the last, something like a year, lost inside my head and can’t seem to get out.

I welcome any thoughts or coments, actually I’m asking”. ….hmmmm, can you say that another way????

I would share….but……not sure what is happening there RZ……… maybe try that little piece again…… in a different way…a story maybe…..

Tinnitus?? Hmmmmm….. usually not an issue my brain shuts it off lots…inattentive to the ringing, too lazy to listen maybe!!! So…I don’t notice it very often till some turkey mentions it and then bingo..ringing…thanks RZ!!! Hahahaha…… isn’t that a riot!!! I think it’s funny anyway….

Hey did you know the ringing is not really there!!!! Here is what an “Ear Nose Throat” specialist told me. The hairs in your ears do something with the electrical current (signal) to your brain. What the signal from the hairs say to the brain is ringggggggggg. Really there is no sound…..it’s not there!! The brain just reads the signal as a ringing sound so….. that is what the brain produces…how weird is that????