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Re: can the symptoms get better or worse w/age?

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Regarding the original question, I remember hearing when I was young;

“However you are when you are young is how you will be when you are old, only more so.”

I believe we can change and improve, but our basic characteristics tend to become more pronounced with age. Also, as much as I hate to admit it, (I am close behind Toofat in age), our brains tend to slowly go downhill, the same as the rest of our bodies. It is encouraging though that scientists now say we can continue to learn and grow intellectually throughout life.

Regarding whether ADD is a disorder or a difference:

This is a subject I have debated in my head a lot and I’ve gone back and forth on my conclusions, sometimes daily. I like something I read somewhere. It went something like this; “If attention deficit is a disorder, there should be a diagnosis of ‘Spontaneity Deficit Disorder,’ and all Engineers have it!” Haha, I Love that concept! ADD seems to me to identify a set of pretty basic characteristics. I have read that certain personality types have a higher incidence of ADHD diagnosis than others. If you are familiar with Jungian Types; “NF”s or “Idealists” have many of the “symptomns” ADD.

Everyone has strengths and weakness. Often our weaknessess are our strengths taken to an extreme. For example; one of my strengths is “Adaptability”. Taken too far, that becomes “wishy washy”, “undependable”, etc. I am intrigued by Strengths Theory, which basically says that we get a lot further by focusing on and living from our strengths than we do trying to “fix” our weaknesses. Toofat, you seem like a great demonstration of that! I want to be like you when I am your age. I only have two years!

I am an INFP, and sometimes I feel like my “ADD” is just part of my “ugly duckling” misunderstood personality type. But not all NFs have ADD and certainly not all people with ADD are NFs! If you are curious about your personality type, you can take a free and pretty dependable test at humanmetrics. com. For more about Strengths Theory, go to the Gallup sight. They have published several great boooks on the subject and each book has a code that allows you take the StrengthsFinder, or they may call it StrengthsQuest now. It’s a test designed to identify 5 of your top strength themes! Very good stuff!

Btw, it has been very interesting reading insights from individuals with ADD who have obviously been much more successful career wise than I. Rather uncharacteristically for someone with extreme ADD characteristics, I did school well! (As long as I took medicine.) It’s “just” life – especially the world of work where I fall flat on my face, (meds or no)! I often wish I did have the hyperactivity, so maybe I could work for myself!

“Toofat”, I am curious and puzzled by the screen name you have chosen. It seems like self deprecation and uncharacteristicaly so, judging by your writing. But then you do say you have learned not to take yourself too seriously. This is another lesson I have yet to learn.