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Re: can the symptoms get better or worse w/age?

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Hi DE…….. like your position of strength view!!!! I too am a believer!! Giggled at….”If attention deficit is a disorder, there should be a diagnosis of ‘Spontaneity Deficit Disorder,’ and all Engineers have it!” Yes yes….here’s a true story, very funny. I was at an office party talking to an Engineer (talking about what we did for a living)… I asked what was the driver to him to be an Engineer??? This is true…. he said ” I am not very smart” so I thought I would try Engineering!!!! Likewise when I told him I was the Policy Analyst in a telecommunications corp. and what my function was he was astounded. He could not fathom having a job where there was no real description…..no formula, no guidelines, no process to follow, no net below. What does that mean….nothing really just that we are different linear/compartimentalized thinkers and visionary/random thought thinkers. Not Less…but Different!!!

It is the visionary/random thought brain function…the hyper focus ability….. that allowed me to accomplish the things I did… that thing we call ADD. Sometimes it’s difficult to find what our strength is…… or where it fits. The question I ask then is….success.. how do we each measure??? Myself, am I a good person to myself, and others…do I feed my soul constantly… am I kind and gentle with myself…. do I play…do I play well with others….can I laugh at myself…..hahahahaha. Are those the measures of success or a life well lived….or a job??? These are my questions…. for me only …… these are the things I know I must focus on to be content.

Oh ya…..Hahahahaha toofat eh….. nope slim actually…. very very healthy….. I take extremely good care of myself both physically and mentally as well as my soul.

Toofat is a trick I use to remember my passwords into various websites (so many to remember)….. It is a thing from my motorcycle life. ADD right !!! How do I mange it well……. it’s “toofat” for me.

Oh right stay on topic…….live….learn…always….age does not mean that stops!!!! Work the head muscle!!!