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Re: can the symptoms get better or worse w/age?

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I DO feel gifted, even my true friends believe I am – many come to me for technical advice (home and work) advice on cars, or have me repair or work on things. I’m trusted (at work, I get special confidential projects to work on). I feel good about my abilities, however, I could be better and more. I have the ability to soar – and have on occasion, but I can’t keep it up – can’t stick with it, or anything much for that matter.

On these:

>>what is the source of your shortness with people??<<

If i answered – I’d probably offend a few folks here! Sorry…….

>> Have you already finished the thought long before they actually said it, where you a mile ahead in the conversation???<<

Yes, absolutely. And I could often phrase it better.

>> Where you anxious to move on to the next thought?? <<

Yes – next topic please, I know all about this and it’s boring, or, you are SO wrong, why do you even bother? ;-)

>>Did you already have it but they had to drone on to finish??<<


>> Are they missing the picture, and you know that before they are done speaking??? <<

Most of the USA is. All the reporters on the evening news are idiots, and drones, and self-serving, and narrow-minded.

There, I probably just earned myself a few un-fans here. I’ll get hate mail, and be tossed off the forums.

What’s amazing is that this forum seems to be a collection of very intelligent, thoughtful and caring folks. Where have they all been hiding?

(now I feel like going and buying one of those cool t-shirts.)

Alas, I still wonder – can symptoms get WORSE with age, or change?