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Re: can the symptoms get better or worse w/age?

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Whew – no offense, but you must not have all that I have, or my son does, or you’d want it under control.

I’ve tried things – organizational methods (PDA/phone, those classes, etc.) and frankly, nothing works. It’s cost me a lot, INCLUDING A SON! (a son I’ll never ever see or hug again)

It cost HIM his freedom and multiple relationships. I heard a rumor that he’s back on meds and somewhat under control, but I’ll never know for sure.

Parts of it are not a problem, but parts of it are. Parts really “tick others off”, and I’m lucky some friends put up with it.

When it’s as severe and “over the edge” as I am – yeah, it’s a problem. And the other problem I see is that others want to argue when I want that part of me helped.

If you had chronic back pain, would you not want some sort of help? If you had tinnitus (and I do) you’d know – yeah, you can live with it, and other days, you want to ram a stick into your head to make it stop! (William Shatner wanted to commit suicide over it)

I miss important talk, I have to ask others to constantly repeat things, I have to read pages of books 2 or 3 times – I don’t see that as a positive. I”m smart, active, and have a lot of abilities I’d not have otherwise, maybe, but there’s the negatives, too.

I can’t hear that one person in a room with several people – can’t sort one voice from the “din”. I’m quite accident prone and it’s nearly cost me a hand, and my life more than once. Some day, I’ll miss that car horn, that siren, or the train……..

I’ve tried the “coaching” stuff, and I’ve picked up a little, but frankly, my symptoms are so extreme, and I have all the “multi” stuff (a perfect 100% score on the test here – a resounding YES to all questions)………….

Let’s just say – if I find a doc who believes I need some medical help, I’ll start there, and that might make me more willing, or able to use the other tools, perhaps then I can move on to other methods. But for now, after all these years, all these jobs, being yelled at, divorced, etc. – no, I refuse to just live with it now.