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Re: can the symptoms get better or worse w/age?

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One can never suppose to understand what it is like to walk in anothers shoes billd. I am the last person to tell another what is right for them or anybody else for that matter. My story is mine and unique to me, I write here only for purpposes of sharing. Tinnitus eh? Me too. Thought I was unique for years with the rining in my ears, but no. Common run of the mill issue. My brain mostly shuts it off….it isn’t often until somebody mentions something that it springs up like right now. Oh well.

I have empathy for people who have a hard time……with life and it’s challenges. I can’t help but ponder on whether some of our issues are our issues because of others preconceived notions of normative…again billd…..that’s for me and not something for me to impose on others.

I hope my musings aren’t taken as “arguement” or as any effort on my part to disuade you from seeking what ever you need to make your world right.

I too have son who is hmmmm….floating in life, for lack of a better term. He has managed to avoid any of the pitfalls that so many alternative thought process people fall into and is a great person, just the systems that offer so much to so many do not accomodate those people who are not from the linear school of thought. That troubles me.

Harnessing anything is particularly difficult, especially when those offering the harnessing solution have no real experience. How much success can one have describing the taste of particular chocolate cake to another who has never tasted chocolate cake.