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Re: can the symptoms get better or worse w/age?

Re: can the symptoms get better or worse w/age?2010-12-09T02:20:45+00:00

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Billd….opps…..here we are a mile away from your initial question. Sorry, rambling…..

Your indecision about your project car??? Sounds cool by the way. Hmmm…being a gear head myself I love to build, and create, it is one of my reasons for being it’s who I am, I know that and I revel in it!!!. I have so many visions of hotrods and bikes in my mind I know I’ll never get a fraction of them built for christ sake I’m 60 and still hotrodding and building custom bikes!! I have a large stable of them now that are completed, down to the finest detail. Hyper-focus pays off in the right places!!! Anyway my decisions (for me anyway) are dictated mechanically. BUT first…FIRST comes the vision….I must see it first in my head and have a passion to create it. Usually I will search magazines and cut out pictures of the things I want my project to contain. I will actually paste and glue them it into a complete picture and paste it on my shop wall. From there I DO NOT DEVIATE……stay true to my vision. From there mechanical requirement (and my wallet) dictate my decisions.

Hey it works for me….knee bone connected to the hip bone… hip bone connected to the…..you know how it goes. That’s how I decide things and keep project moving forward.

Crusty Dude eh? Me too. But I’m old enough I have earned the right to be crusty!!! As for stupid…..not my issue…don’t care. Folks get to be as stupid in my world as they want……it is an endless source of amusement. I find humor there…..maybe not the most correct attitude there is but it’s mine. I’m comfy with it, fixing all the dumb would wear me out!!! Hahahaha

Still Toofat…..