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Re: can the symptoms get better or worse w/age?

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I constantly change my mind on my cars – but once the project is done, I don’t change it except to improve it. Maybe I found a better match for the original shade of black…….. maybe I decide to powdercoat instead of paint. I was going to rebuild the original Eagle engine and opted for a Jeep engine transplanted into it instead. One fellow told me to NOT paint my own Javelin as they knew that it would take 10 years, I’d never be happy enough with it, and I’d go nuts trying to get it “good enough”. They were right.

I’ve had the intake off the Javelin 4 times as I can’t decide – Edelbrock aluminum, or factory original cast? Started with the edelbrock – it sits too high so I can’t use a spacer under the carb as the air cleaner hits the ram air hood. So I pull it off, put the factory intake on and can use the spacer and all – but that’s not good, just doesn’t feel right to have this group 19 factory aluminum intake there and not be using it. So I pull the factory cast intake back off and put the AMC numbered group 19 Edelbrock intake back on. Now I can’t use the spacer again and boil the fuel in the carb. Can’t decide how to solve that issue.

But when folks bring THEIR cars to me, I’ve got them fixed up in short order – very little indecision.

The eagle sits waiting for me to install the new fuel lines and put an electric pump on for the EFI – can’t decide – in-tank pump, or frame mounted? So I don’t run the new line.

I sold my Yamaha 750 a few years ago so I could afford another engine – a rather rare 1912 Canadian engine – a Chapman. 7 hp and 2,000 pounds.

Anyway, seriously, can symptoms change, get worse or get better as we age?