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Re: Can't do anything right.

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@TheGameGuy let me catch your attention by stating: YOU’RE WRONG!

Ah.. there.. I have your attention? ;)

One of your thoughts is: “I can’t do anything right”

It’s probably even a belief you have. And everything that turns out wrong is used by you as proof of this “fact”.

Let’s ask a judge. You’re charged with “NOT BEING ABLE TO DO ANYTHING RIGHT”

What would the proscecutor (you’ll excell in that role) present as evidence?

“Well, this one time… “

What would your attorney (ask a friend or your spouse) present in your defense?

“You posted a well written post in a forum expressing your frustration!”

“You feel you have a problem and even though you’re very judgemental towards yourself, you came here and asked for help!”

Try and make a list. What will the ruling of the judge be?

I’m putting my money on “NOT GUILTY”

This really isn’t splitting hairs, because you are saying it to yourself like that. And you are angry with yourself for who you are.

Change the thought to: “I did that the wrong way”, so you can be angry at what you did. That’s less destructive!

You’re probably doing things wrong, but that doesn’t make you worth any less!