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Re: Caste System for ADHD

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I don’t feel like we are being told that we are only to look for those caste system jobs in a sense where we are told we are basically limited. My whole family has ADHD and where our condition is friendly in the work place is all over the spectrum! We may all have ADHD but that doesn’t mean we are all the same. My one brother is an interior designer for a big firm, my other brother owns his own company… and one of my sisters is really big into business.

We all may have ADHD… but with it we still have different passions. My sister can’t stand to think of sitting and reading about criminal psychology and yet I could spend 3 straight days in my room reading about it. hahaha.

I think what they might have been saying is… look for a job that is friendly to YOUR ADHD. Only you know where your strengths and weaknesses are with it so only you know what is best in regards to work.

We may have troubles with focussing… but we are also known to be able to hyper focus on certain tasks or things that personally interest us. :)