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@wolfshades. I suck at multitasking, although I fall victim to thinking I can do it well. It’s now fairly well proven that no-one, including genius level MIT students and more, can do it well. It is now accepted that if you focus on 1 thing at a time, you will do a far better job than those that think they can do better by multitasking.

I can’t find that TV special but here’s an article from today that verifies it: http://chronicle.com/article/Scholars-Turn-Their-Attention/63746/

Bottom line is everyone’s different – with or without ADD, with different strengths and weaknesses. to ad to the flames, think of the kids now with heads down wandering into traffic while texting and listening to iTunes cranked. *THUD* <–sound of car striking a body. If that’s not attention misappropriated, I don’t know what is. Maybe now we even have an advantage?

What was the question again?