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Thanks to you both, Jim and kc5jck. Kc5jck: that’s pretty much my experience too. Usually I’ll have about four or five (or more) all *necessary* things to do, and because of ongoing problems with distraction, they go from important to urgent, and I’m left flying around trying to tackle them all with appropriately equal intensity. It’s hilarious only in retrospect.

Jim: I agree with you on the multi-tasking thing. I’ve only met one person in my life who could effectively multi-task and she didn’t have ADHD (nor did she ever exhibit signs of it). My ex-wife could read the paper, watch TV (I knew this because she’d complain loudly if I tried to change the channel), talk on the phone and pay attention to what the kids were doing. It amazed me. Of course I had to divorce her – wasn’t going to put up with that. ;)

Distracted behaviour is certainly a hallmark of our generation, I think – which is why it’s so frustrating when someone interprets our information-age obsessed behaviour as proof that “everyone has ADHD”. Lack of focus has many root causes, of which ADHD is only one. The difference: it’s not ADHD when someone has the ability to actually focus when they deliberately decide to. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve tried to make that same decision – all my life – only to fail so often that it became a little depressing. What a relief it was to discover there was a scientific reason for it, beyond my immediate ability to control.