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Re: Caste System for ADHD

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Wolf, Jim, kc… I can relate to all y’all. I’m in IT as a senior analyst, and thankfully, not a supervisor. I feel fortunate to make it to work with shoes. I’m HD-ADHD, high def, and to top it off, I’m an Aspie. So generally, there’s a train wreck/three ring circus going on in my head, but being Aspie, I don’t care. I support the economy through late fees!

I must have had 30 jobs over my life, but the last three lasted years, and I left because of boredom. Yah, I was married three times, but the last one was for 22 years, and she only left me because of leukemia.

I fret over my four kids, because they all have a good share of the clutter and affection for the bright and shiny that I passed along to them, but if it weren’t for we dreamers, this planet would be a dreary old place.

I’ll suffer through the lost car keys and late fees, just to have the opportunity to have explored the edge of what is possible. I have no regrets, and I can’t change it anyhow. Grab the laces and pull on the boots! Oh, and make sure you remember to put your pants on before you leave the house. Oh, and don’t forget the keys. Got your cell phone? Stove off? Car got fuel? Aaargh.