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Re: Caste System for ADHD

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Hi Miguel

I don’t agree with some of what you say. Of course it depends on the severity of the ADHD but it also depends on the individual. I do agree that we should be able to do any job we want and I am sure we are. Whether we would want to is another issue.

Re. where I disagree – firstly, I don’t see my ADD as an illness. It’s a pain in the butt but an illness??

Secondly, you are assuming we’d be in the lower caste – why?

I work in a university – my job is varied – I teach and have student contact, I do administration (that I hate!) and I do research (when the money allows). Every day is varied. I am accountable to all sorts of people, but I don’t have a boss breathing down my neck; I don’t have to clock in and out at set times. I feel extremely blessed that I can do what I consider to be an ADD friendly job. OK I haven’t got promotions because of my ADD and I can’t ‘perform’ consistently and that p****s people off and I get hassle for not getting student marks returned on time, putting in expenses on time, doing my admin. on time etc. etc. Although it can be stressful and a struggle sometimes, it is varied and that suits me. It can be hard work and focus is an issue. Also the university seems to be full of strange people so any completely scatty, bonkers moments that I have (and there are many) are just accepted as me being weird. Yes the system is changing and the ‘suited financially aware’ brigade are starting to take over, but on the whole it’s a place full of weird folk so I don’t stand out so much.

To me, an ADD unfriendly job is one where I am sat at a desk all day, or one where I have to account for everything regularly or have to keep regular times. Regular times!! No way.

So I don’t see ADD friendly jobs as lesser jobs – they are jobs that suit our make-up. Surely that goes for anyone, ADD or not. If you’re an outdoor type, then farming might suit better than being an accountant or a teacher, or a shop assistant. None is better or worse, just different.