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Make sure this is someone who is totally tuned in to true ADD/ADHD.

Horrible long story short, many moons ago my father inlaw recognized me as ADHD literally within 15 minutes of meeting me. After a few years of flailing about, I finally recognized the need for a change.

I went to Frances Goff, Ph.D., HSPP, who was not “totally tuned into true ADD/ADHD”. She gave me a litany of absolutely ridiculous tests (tests of course I become so zoned out by that I started just randomly answering), then after two return visits, she determined that I wasn’t ADHD but perhaps I had some sort of brain damage since the scores were so low on the test (UHH HINT I MIGHT NOT HAVE CONCENTRATED ON THE TEST?!) or that I was bi-polar. Moreover, she made a point of airing her suspicions that I was drug seeking. This cost my father-in-law more than $500, and I even had some sort of basic coverage at the time. How do you think I felt after that? Oh, not only am I “not” ADHD, I’m also retarded. Confirmed all my fears.

Finally we went to somebody who was a specialist, and same thing, after 10 minutes of talking he could just “see” it. And obviously there was a light-bulb effect after I found the right medicine.

With as much media hype is given to the “Ritalin Generation” I understand the scrutiny that you have to use, but come on. One of my good friends said about me after the fact, “when I met you I new you didn’t need stimulants. You WERE a stimulant.”