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I haven’t been diagnosed, but we had our son undergo a complete psychoeducational assessment…that was not covered by my insurance plan. Stupidly enough, my plan covers $1000 in speech therapy (????), but won’t cover a test to diagnose a life-impairing condition. ANYway, we forked over the $1200 and got it done. Turned out he has ADHD and a non-verbal learning disorder…and possibly mild Asperger’s (although it wasn’t enough to warrant a diagnosis as such). Now it’s been great that suddenly certain doors have been opened for us at his schools – he has access to resources that he would otherwise not – and he also found out that in some areas of his IQ test he tested much higher than average – but it was still $1200. Now that he’s a teen and he has matured so much, we probably should have him reassessed to see how his needs have changed. But the idea of paying that amound again (or more) makes me flinch.