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Patte Rosebank
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@CET, that’s pretty much how it was for me. I was already seeing a psychiatrist for depression & anxiety, and when my brother found the Toronto Star interview with Rick, he sent it to me and said, “This sounds just like you!” I looked into it, did the diagnostics on this website, scored 100%, and took the results to my psych. He asked me some deep questions about my thoughts, behaviours, and experiences from the time I was a kid until now. Based on my answers, he concluded that we could very safely assume that I did indeed have ADHD Combined Subtype, and that it was a significant impairment on my ability to function and my ability to enjoy life.

I just re-read an assessment I got from a psychologist, about 10 years ago, and, though it officially diagnosed me with depression and anxiety, it also contained many items which, today, strongly support my now-recent diagnosis of ADHD.

As for those specialists charging over & above what OHIP covers, it’s simply a matter of supply-and-demand, coupled with more of a desire to make money than to help people. When there are so very few specialists out there, those few can basically charge whatever people are desperate enough to pay.

It’s like diamonds and oil. Both are actually extremely common, but 98% of their supply & distribution is very tightly controlled by cartels like DeBeers (diamonds) and OPEC (oil). By only releasing a very small amount into the market at a time, they keep the supply very low, thus forcing buyers to pay whatever DeBeers or OPEC demands, because they’re pretty much the only game in town.