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ShaneG, it all depends on who is doing the assessment, and whether or not they are covered by OHIP.

My assessment was done by a Psychologist, so I had to pay out of pocket. It cost my $3000, but that was because I had a full Psychoeducational Assessment on top of ADHD assessment. I had an Wechlser Adult Intelligence Scale (a type of IQ test) done, as well as a variety of other assessments. The end result is that I was diagnosed with an LD as well as ADHD, so I’m glad I did it.

I talked to other people who would do Psychoeducational Testing for cheaper, but decided in the end to go with the person I did, because I was using my resulting diagnosis with my employer to get workplace accomodations, and wanted to do as much as I could to make sure they wouldn’t dispute my diagnosis. The other people who were cheaper had Masters of Psychology vs. my Psychologist’s P.hD.

Also my Psychologist was referred to me by a friend with an NLD, who had in turn selected the Doctor because she had been the expert witness in a landmark case on workplace accomodations against the Federal government.

One would hope that a School Board would give accomodations without too much hassle, but about the time I was diagnosed ,there was a teacher who asked for accomodations for some sort of mental illness. The board disputed his diagnosis, and made him go “their” clinic for assessment. Whoever saw him at their clinic declared him was unfit to teach, and the board fired him. Last I heard the Union was fighting to get him reinstated. So I didn’t want to go through any of that crap if I could avoid it.