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Re: chronic alienation much?

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sdwa – I can relate to your description exactly. I can’t tolerate crowds and I really hate dealing with more than two people at a time. One to one is preferable but if I am in a quiet mood having another present is good so if I don’t know what to talk about I can leave the talking to the other two. So I ask questions about their kids etc and then they think I listen. Actually I don’t care about their kids but I know jolly well they won’t ask about me! That’s people generally not the two who are my friends. I enjoy people’s company as long as we are doing something. I just have two good friends. One is extremely quiet but does active things with me. The other never shuts up and can be wearing but I have known her a long time and she’s the only person I have told about being ADHD and she wasn’t suprised. I do like my own company and would say I am an introvert.

On saying that, other people don’t think I am an introvert because they see me bouncing around. When I am teaching I am quite bouncy so it’s all very odd. I like my own company, hate crowds and parties are just hell. I usually get on with people”s kids better than the parents – I think that’s because I’d rather be kicking a ball around the park with them than trying to have grown-up conversations with the parents. But if I find someone with a shared passion then I don’t stop talking.

So it’s person dependent, situation dependent and mood dependent with me.