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What is it that you are taking and why? I assume it is because you like it but is it stimulating in an ADD way. I had a messed up experience in that I changed my major and carreer path from law to economics as an undergraduate. I had to take 3 years of highschool math 2 of university and 8 economics courses in my last two years to finish on time. My third year I had only 4 courses (calculus/algebra, macroeconomics, microeconomics and econometrics) and an average of 72. In my last year I had 6 courses (one of which was a thesis) and had an 86 average. My point is that interest and motivation played a big role, I found I couldn’t screw around on facebook in my last year (I actually gave it up) for example simply because I needed to succeed. Now that said I had an awesome thesis instructor that refused to let me wander and was not afraid to put me in my place. My other professors also took an interest in me and would allow me to ask some really off topic questions, so they were great supports. I was diagnosed after I graduated and am just now medicated. So my advice:

-know your strengths and weaknesses and bend the world to you. That is all I have ever done if people don’t like it tough.

-If the drugs help use them, if not talk to your doctor.

-Don’t study where there is a distraction. I had a cone of silence in the library and would purposely take up surrounding spaces.

-Use your classmates. If you’re stuck ask someone they might have the same problem. Also the smart kids love to share their knowlege and will pick your brain when they get stumped (btw i’m not implying you’re not smart just that there is always an over achiever waiting to show how smart they are)

– ask questions and don’t be afraid to look foolish. it is better to look foolish and get your answer then it is to flunk a test due to an ego.

– realize that it is a test or a paper and it is not you. don’t get down on yourself cause that will destroy you. I would stop studying 6 to 8 hours before and then clear my mind: try to look out the back of your head you’ll be empty in no time I know I am. Then I would say to myself “let me do what I know” as I was about to write.

-Don’t panic if it doesn’t come to you, it might later but if you fret then you’ll blank on the rest of the stuff as well.

This is what I did and I succeeded but I’m not you and you will have to tinker to develope your own way of doing it.