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Reading the above….Sounds like the wife has ADD and maybe some depression but thats for the Doctors to decide. Poor motivation, not wanting to change, low self esteem, not following through or finishing a task, playing the blame game, and not taking responsibility, disorganization -all characteristics of Adult ADD. . .I thought I had some depression because when I came home from work all I wanted to do was watch CNN. I got so over whelmed and frustrated I just quit trying. Since I have been on medicine(about a year) I am more outspoken, going out to the movies with friends, working longer hours, and less anxiety… On the other hand I made my husband of 21 years watch the PBS Special and hopefully he has an appointment in April …I have told my husband we have to get organized and I need to have structure and a schedule because I cannot function in Chaos and my son certainly needs the structure. It has become a little better on occasion, but I do not think he is purposefully hurting me …it’s just how that darn brain is wired. He can follow through and focus on anything that is important to him, but if it’s not high priority you can forget it. The key is both of us being on the same page and working as a team. Hans you are exactly right. Call me Crazy, keep us posted and thats a beautiful dog!