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Re: Communication between ADHD people

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Patte Rosebank
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It’s funny, but in some worlds, having ADHD is a positive boon in communicating with people.

I work in a live theatre. I started out as an usher, then got promoted (the first promotion of my life) to Usher Captain & sometimes Stage Door Keeper. In that world, the creativity and enthusiasm of ADHD is appreciated by all—even those without it.

Even when I’m just working at Stage Door, signing people in & out, they say that I really brighten up their day. And when I’m out in the lobby, Captaining or Ushering, the enthusiasm and creativity with which I greet people and discuss the show with them, really makes them feel welcome and enhances their appreciation & enjoyment of the show. It’s as if there’s a certain electricity in the air around me, and it draws people in. I have “IT”—that indefinable certain something that Elinor Glyn defined in the 1920s.

And to make the leap from tearing tickets to Elinor Glyn & IT—well, that’s the beauty of ADHD!