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Re: Communication between ADHD people

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@larynxa You know what? I had a crack in the designing industry when I started. I started as a graphic designer. Only problem is, I was too “shy” to promote myself. Now that my portfolio is 10 years old. My day time job is very stressful. These 10 years have killed any positive energy that I still have in me. I am unable to design for any longer.. I think I can excel designing funeral invitation with my current mental condition?

Speaking of bullies… I feel that people like us are their easy target:

1: Saying weird things gives them lots of room to make fun of you.

2: Making silly mistakes makes us a target for them to pick on, laugh at.

3: My reaction to argument is very ineffective. I am unable to argue with others in a calm manner. At the end, I usually raise my voice and get mad. Once again… I become a easy target for bullies to play with my emotions…

Tbh, I have no idea where to start. However, I am glad that this site is alive!! I was just trying my luck and post as I see many posts are like a few months old!! Well, I might have missed some recent post due to my “ADD” problem as well.

For the most part, thank you very much for participating. Nothing is worse than being alone in the dark and unable to find any solution to my problem.