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Responding to Nory:

What you say is interesting. I’ve been through so much in the last while, at work and in my life, that I’m not sure if the ‘frustration’ I feel sometimes is due to the Concerta. But I do know that the days I forget my pill, are more of a struggle. And for me to notice that says something. My wife wondered if I was being made more agitated by the Concerta, but again, she can tell when I haven’t taken it. Of course sometimes when there’s a lot going on, and I’m flustered, she thinks I’ve forgotten. The medication doesn’t eliminate the fluster, it just reduces it. And I can see that everything we’ve been doing for 8 months to get this website up, working seven days a week at some points, is a lot to be flustered about. Dunno. I’ll keep watching it. Thanks for sharing.